Trade the Path Way

At Path Trading Partners, we have created our courses with the mission of taking you from beginning to end, from amateur to professional. Our courses include introduction, product structure, strategy and tools. If something seems too easy, finish it anyway. If something seems too advanced, review it multiple times. If you take your trading education as seriously as we take our trading and our research, the only obstacle in your path will be time.

Featured Courses

Support, Resistance, and Significant Levels

In This course set, you will learn our concept of Significant Levels. A Significant Level is an area of the market to which price has had a strong emotional reaction, and is likely to have a strong reaction again. Learn to spot them, draw them and use them to trade and place good, solid stop-loss orders.

How to trade Doubles, a very reliable reversal pattern

In this course we provide a breakdown of traditional double tops and bottoms and what's wrong with them. We will also provide concrete rules for finding PTP High-Probability Doubles along with step-by-step instructions on how to trade PTP High-Probability Doubles.

Candlesticks and Candlestick Math

Introduction of opening and closing price to bars and classification of bars inclusive of opening and closing price. Review of trading by living candle by candle and the negative impact to trading performance. Dealing with noise in the market and the utilization of candlestick math to mitigate market noise. A Review of candlestick bars and characteristics. Analysis and practical application of candlestick patterns.